What Brand Of Quick Release Prop Guards Are Recommended ?

What Brand Of Quick Release Prop Guards Are Recommended

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May 3, 2016
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I recently bought my first Quadcopter, a P3Pro. I have visited the forum many times to learn as much as I can from the Experts - Thanks. I have several hours with the DJI flight simulator and am almost ready for the big Maiden Voyage. I realize there is much debate regarding the use of Prop Guards, however I have decided to go with them until I am confident to remove my Training Wheels. I want to use a quick release set and noticed two brands are recommended the most. My question is which to pick from, the Bestem which uses two screws or the Summitlink with 4 screws or any other brands and why you folks recommend them. Also wondering on using thread lock and what brand might be recommended to secure the screws? Thank You all for sharing your Wisdom with a newbie !
learn without them they are junk giant wind sails
My Phantom is a Standard but I went with the Aboom quick disconnect guards. As I recall, there were fewer negative comments versus the Summitlink ones. You might check them out.

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Ive got a set of the authentic DJI prop guards that are not quick release for sale. Just sayin. They come with all the small bolts needed as well.

10 bucks shipped anywhere in the Continental US. One prop guard has a slight repair made to it using Bondic. It works great as well as the others. PM if interested. Posting tonight to the Classified Section.
I put the 4 screw ones on my bird and agree that the different colour helps orientate it when flying, also it makes it a bit bigger and easier to see. The other benefit is that the mounts when fitted to the arms really do stiffen that area up and should prevent the dreadful cracking problem. (over 60 flights on my bird and no sign of cracks).
The down side of the guards is they do catch a bit more wind and more gimble angle is needed to keep them out of shot.

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