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Went down today

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by duse500, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. duse500

    May 18, 2014
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    I needed 600' to get my 1,000,000 ft of flight so off I go.Figured I'd run down the beach a couple miles to the fishing pier, Got 377' and it nose dived from 53'. full bars at take off split second before crash RC said no signal. No rhyme no reason. Just flying along and down she goes. Battery at take off 97%.I checked the flight log and also loaded it to healthy drones.I cant find anything. I checked the controls at the time and it was not a mistaken CSC . CSC was performed when it was down .
    I went and got it and the camera and gimbal were fine Battery still connected and on .Has a crack on the rear black prop arm,(it looks like the stress cracks some of you have,but it's not. I check regularly for them .It also has a small buckle on same arm right at the vent hole . I took it back to the job cleaned it up (sand in motors(just so happens I have a air compressor and blower on the job .Took it back up and and flew 6000 '. Everything seems to be fine. Something I found odd is it only has 1 flight log for today. It shows the flight to where it went down at 27 seconds and 370 foot ,then it shows it back at the job,where I had it for 30 minutes then it starts a new flight. Is that normal? and I would be more then happy to have you guys take a look at it. Just tell me how to put it on here:oops:
    I'm pretty lucky because I usually fly over water .Yesterday I shot out to the dredge and back(20769' , 11 minutes)
    I do have Sq trade so we'll see how that goes,I'm not ready to give it up yet and I can still fly,I juyst wont do it over water where I cant get it back.
    firmware 1.3
  2. phantom13flyer

    May 26, 2015
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    I would definitely perform a full IMU calibration before flying again. But that's great that it wasn't damaged any more than what it was. Soft sand absurbs energy very well apparently :) Good luck and happy flying !
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