Waiver/Authorization along with Company/My Own Business Questions

Apr 21, 2019
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I am a very recent Part 107 holder, I've got a tad over 50 hours of flight time recreationally and just a few commercially so still building my knowledge and skillset but am comfortable behind the controls of my P4P at least. If these questions belong elsewhere, please let me know/move them.

I'm a full time IT guy for our local electric utility and part time photographer primarily doing Real Estate and have a couple questions in regards to my day job and my side business.

Map/Sectional of area in question - Newport, OR

For my side business: The entire City of Newport, Oregon and surrounding area where I have the majority of my homes are within Class E surface airspace. It's an untowered Airport and I'd never be over 100' AGL, usually less, but sometimes that's required to display the view or property location in relation to the ocean etc...
I understand LAANC, authorizations, and waivers and the different altitude maximums, but within the 0 altitude area (within 1.5 miles of the airport roughly) are a ton of nicer homes, townhomes with a view of the bridge, bay and ocean.

I think this is defintiely more of a try it and see scenario, but has anyone had any success getting a Class E surface Waiver falling under the 107.41 ordinance?
A blanket waiver for the airspace would be ideal of course, or even if it could contain the non 0 altitude areas. I was reading a while back that most authorizations are good for 6 months vs my original thinking that they were good for a specific short time frame and date.
Is this still correct with LAANC?
Would just doing authorizations on an as needed basis be the best course of action?
Or do the authorizations simultaneously with a waiver since those can take quite a long time and high likelihood of being rejected?

For my day job: We cover a decent size geographical area most of which is Class G, but some of which lies within the same Class E surface area as stated above, including some of our critical infrastructure such as substations. Being the Remote Pilot for the company (we don't have any drones at this point), does registration of the drones, waivers and authorizations under Part 107 still fall under me directly since I'm the RPIC? Or does that happen differently? If we as a company were to apply for an Airspace Waiver, does it need to be done by me? This is all assuming we have the policies in place and sufficient/proper documentation and support evidence to support our application before sending it off.

Those questions make sense in my head, if you need clarification please let me know.
There's a ton of information and opinions out there sometimes it gets hard to narrow it down or can get a bit overwhelming when considering so many aspects at the same time.

Any additional advice or information is welcome!
Feb 19, 2014
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Denver, CO
KONP is LAANC active. So the FAA will not accept a 107.41 Wide Area Authorization (not waiver). You can apply for a LAANC approval in a 0'AGL grid via a provider like Skyward, but you'll have to prearrange the safe mitigation with ATC.

Call KONP ATC and ask how they handle 0' grid requests. That would be a good place to start.

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