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Useful Tips Here! Beginners's guide in choosing RC lipo batteries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sarahace, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. sarahace

    sarahace Guest

    I am sure many beginners prefer look up forums for advice about rc lipo battery, like which brand to choose, and which item to fly, there are many posts, and some are totally different opinions.

    Something you need to know before you make your choice;

    1st, about cheap batteries, Many people recommend some website that sells at super low price, and tell you it's no difference with the big brands, but actually most of them have not tried other big brands, so they feel it is enough power because it is cheap and it can make the drone fly. If it is for practice, choose some well known brands like zippy, and some well known shop like RMRC or get fpv, and sure Tattu always have good quality ones sell under 10$.

    2nd, High level ones.Choose what people recommend most and what famous pilots use.

    Result from the just ended ERSA cup:
    1. Individual Race 1s t: Luke Banister
    2. Team Race 1st : Team Flyduino Kiss team
    3. Drag race winner : Team Tonardo X blade with Sky-hero design frame
    Congratulations !
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