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Mar 14, 2015
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I am new to the DJI family and bought a used FC 40. Which works good but I have a question about finding out what is installed on the Phantom FC 40 and the controller. I have downloaded and installed the following on my PC, DJI Nazam assistant 2.20, DJI win. driver installer and RC system Installer v1.2. Can anyone give me the steps on finding out what is already installed which works very well and the steps to upgrading and if I should upgrade. I am just worried that I will screw something up and my Phantom will not fly or worse fly away and never be seen again. Thanks in advance and HAPPY flying.
Thought that someone may be able to help but it doesn't look like anyone knows any more on here than I do.
do you mean you want to be able to know what firmware is installed in it???? if so just install the drivers for your computer then plug it in to the usb and run the naza assistant. and under the info tab it will tell you what version it has. and more then likely its the latest version being they havent had any updates come out in a long time for the fc40 and most have all shipped with the latest version. Tho there is not much that can be screwed up by even reinstalling the firmware. Tho if you do its a good idea to then go and turn some of the defaults settings back to being the right settings and not the ones that are set by default such as the IOC and fail safe stuff being turned off.
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The title of your thread could have been more descriptive, which would have drawn more attention. That's probably why it took so long to get a response.

J.James is correct.

Some USB cords don't work with MY FC40. The only one which will connect with my computer is the one which came with my bird. Sounds like you are past that point, but I suggest you retain the cord which worked for use with your Phantom.
The FC40 and P1 do not have "Fly-Away" issues like the P2.
Whenever you change anything, except the battery, you should do an Advanced IMU Calibration and the Compass Dance. There's a link in my signature with some info I have gathered.
Does your controller have an external USB port?

There are tons of helpful videos out there.
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