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Jun 30, 2014
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Wadsworth, Illinois
Wow! I have always been extremely happy with my P2V+, and it was a tough decision weather or not to get the P3. When I originally read the specs after Launch, not being a photographer the idea of a better camera was initially not a selling point for me. But I got caught up in all the hype and went ahead with a PSP anyway.
I finally got my first chance to fly the P3 today and if I had any doubts about my decision they're gone now.
I was bowled over seeing the FPV. I'm using an iPad Mini 2 and it is like seeing the places I've been flying in a totally different light. On my P2V+ using the same iPad Mini and even a Cinemizer the FPV was so so, if you knew what you were looking at it was some what ok. But after seeing the FPV on the P3, I don't even desire to fly the P2V+ anymore. And not to mention the speed and handling. The IOS app is the frosting on the cake.
I probably should have sold the P2V+ prior to the P3 release like some of the guys, but I've decided to use it to try to entice friends into this hobby. Where I'm at I haven't been able to find any other Phantom Pilots, a flying all the time by my self sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well happy landings everybody.
Now we can wait for the extra batteries.
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Congrats. And yeah, I haven't even looked at my V+ since other than walking past it to charge my P3 batterY.
Congrats. And yeah, I haven't even looked at my V+ since other than walking past it to charge my P3 battery.

New Batteries have never been so high on my priority list in my life!

lol I can relate to all of that. and I dont even have my p3 yet or really had any big itch to get one. In till a few weeks ago when some one let me fly there inspire 1 and the video on the fpv blew me away and knowing that the p3 is going to be just about the same. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to get my hands on it and fly. and my Vision and my p2 with a gopro just dont seem all that any more whats so ever.

and also even tho I dont even have the p3 in hand yet a few battery's are also very high on my priority list esp being that any place I want the p3 for are not exactly close to home or with electric to charge battery's to easy to come by with out dragging all my field charging gear with me to Which I'm even going to have to change up some to be able to charge the higher volt battery's of the p3.
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