Replacement Camera for FC-200 "the egg"?

Nov 22, 2014
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Hi all!

Is there any replacement camera for the FC-200 egg-looking camera to the Phantom 2 Vision?
I have a brushless gimbal for the FC-200 and it also works with a GoPro.

I never had the FC-200 (previous owner sold it since this Phantom was a spare part Phantom).

It works with a GoPro, but thats with a videotransmitter and no Wifi and use with an app in the smartphone/tablet.

Any ideas?

The camera is too expensive, i wouldnt pay 500USD, insane price for an old product.
It is complete with some other stuff... byt useless without a camera:

Hello Micke
I have never seen a replacement unit, but those camera eggs are $150 on eBay!( sometimes less , if they accept BEST OFFERS ) They have come down a lot in price since the 3's are out!
I can help you aquire the MAC address.
It is simple with the right app.

Wish there was more out there, but I have never found a replacement!
I bought several of those cameras broken, fixed them and sold them!
I may still have a couple around? Have to look! But I would keep an eye out as I bought some of mine for $80, $60, one I paid $100 for all working, but had broken housings, or servo, ect! They are easy to fix. I only pay $50 for non working units. For parts mainly!
Just some friendly advice! But $150 ain't bad for working unit with Mac addy!

J Dot
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I havent found anyone cheap... I really need one.
Cheapest one I found was sold for 145USD.
All the others are 299-600, and I dont need a new one, i need a good used one. :)

Its only the FC-200 I need, like this one
I have a gimbal:

The MAC-address I usually find with the Android-app Wifi-analyzer (free), and then use it in the Pilot-app.
The Vision+ camera pops up there, and also the Wifi-extender for the transmitter.
That one was sold but I found two others for 150USD.
What do you want for yours?

I dont have any FC-200-camera. I helped a person with his other newer Phantoms and got mine for free, with some errors and without the camera. It works fine now (the one on the avatar), but the camera is the only missing part + the lever-part for the transmitter. I have a GoPro, but want to use it on another drone.
I have a good working spare fc-200 camera that i even still have the QR code from the box. I'd let go for $150 Its also still comes with stock mount /single axis gimbal and I'm pretty sure I have an extra white cable that connects to the main board for the wifi and power for the cam as well in case you dont have one already.

but the camera is the only missing part + the lever-part for the transmitter.

If you still have one of the old style radios without the built in wheel you can also still use the slider in the phantom vison app to pan the camera up or down till you get one of them lever thingy for the back of the TX.

But if you dont have one already you also need of of the dji vison range extenders RE500 or the longer range RE700 to use the phantom visions camera and be able to control it plus get all the flight data that also comes over on the wifi from the phantom in to the app When you have it converted in to a phantom vision with the camera.
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Your spare fc-200 would be great!
The white cable I have (FC-200 <-> Phantom) should work, but it is ugly, its stripped from insulation, A better one would be great.

Yes, its the old style radio I got (was there two models with the Phantom 2 Vision?).
I got the RE500 extender (RE700, isnt that for the Vision+?).

Hello MickeM,
Re700 is for vision+, but also works on Vision non plus models! Gives you a it more range, before loosing FPV signal! Worth the extra $ if you got it to spend!

You can buy a replacement cable, it comes in a cable pack, cannot remember which pack? Spare parts #?
Search " Vision cable pack " you'll see the white wire in there!

A+ J.James
He is a good friend of mine, has sent me stuff before, and has helped me SO much in the past, I don't know how I could possibly repay him, but for now, THANKS! And Micke, you can't go wrong with him!

Take care, Fly safe!
J Dot
Hi, I also got a used pv2 and had to replace the camera as well as one esc.
Wish I found this forum before I got my replacement camera on
DJI Phantom 2 Vision Camera Fc200
More than what I wanted to spend but it's brand new and it works. I would be interested to learn how to to repair the old camera just as a backup.

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Does anyone have any FC200 cameras still mine took a crap on me and was told the wifi board in it is bad
As stated in the thread, they are available on Amazon and eBay just search DJI FC200

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