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Problems selecting a company or model?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GundoLarry, May 6, 2015.

  1. GundoLarry

    Jan 3, 2014
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  2. ThePhantomMenace33

    May 5, 2015
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    In my opinion, if anyone was going to decide between the Phantom 3 or 3DR Solo, customer support right now is my biggest concern. 3DR's new policy is awesome! 30 day period where if any malfunction on your craft happens, they will replace gimbal and go pro if broken along with the craft, which is unheard of at the moment from any other company. DJI customer support is not very good, but there product is the best on the market. In the end, it is a difficult situation to be in if you are stuck between manufacturers.
  3. GoodnNuff

    Jun 4, 2013
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    Washington State
    The waranty you describe is only partially correct.
    3DR is offering a "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee" where they will refund your money for ANY REASON within 30 days of purcahse. So if you don't like anything about the SOLO, you can get a full refund within that time frame.
    They also offer a "Fly Away Guarantee" (and I can't find a time limit on it!): If you have a flyaway, you can immediately notify....here, I'll quote them:

    "With Colin Guinn and several other key employees coming from DJI to 3D Robotics, the company was well-aware of the flyaway concerns of many quadcopter pilots. Of course, 3D Robotics knows that flyaways can and still will happen but has a plan to deliver on customer support in a way that DJI so often falls short.
    The 3DR Solo was designed to constantly communicate flight data to the remote transmitter in the pilot’s hands, whereas the DJI Phantom stores flight log data on-board the quadcopter. Accordingly, when DJI asks for the flight log data to process warranty requests from customers who experienced flyaways, there is no way for the customer to deliver the flight data . . . because it literally flew away.
    In the event that a 3DR Solo owner encounters a flyaway under normal and proper operation circumstances (i.e., you followed the directions), the flight data can be transmitted through the 3DR app immediate to 3DR for warranty support. If the flight data backs up the user’s claim and the user encountered a flyaway through no fault of their own, 3DR will replace the Solo free of charge.
    Not only will 3DR replace the Solo quadcopter but it will also replace the
    camera gimbal and a GoPro camera, if attached. The flight data will actually include the GoPro camera information if you had one connected to the Solo. There is no need to otherwise prove that the camera was attached since it is already built into the flight log data.
    On top of what I’m calling the flyaway guarantee, 3DR also offers a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee for new Solo purchasers."

    Pretty Amazing customer service!
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  4. RichWest

    Nov 1, 2014
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    Houston, Texas
    Looking blindly at your post, I'd pick whoever Qualcomm chose. That is a long haul commitment. VC on the other hand are vultures and the owner they are about to pick apart will have nothing to say in under 3 years. More than likely he doesn't care either, take the money and run or fly in this case. I'd get out with 10% ownership and 250-500 Million in the bank. I'm fairly sure most here would as well.
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