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Phantom 2 Vision + Conspiracy??

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Help' started by Rjhd28, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Rjhd28

    May 4, 2014
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    Ok I know it may be a stretch but when there's smoke...

    I have owned 4 DJI Phantoms over the years and have a love/hate relationship with them. When they are working they are wonderful but when the aren't, as many of you know, thats when it get interesting!! How many times have you tried to contact DJI support? How many times have you been successful?? As most of us know there is none or there would be no need for excellent forums like this! I have noticed that most of my issues are not crash related, I have only had one crash in 3 years, but when the software of firmware is updated is when the fun begins.
    I have a group of friends that all bought the same models in a similar time period, my model is the PV331 V2.0. Was working perfectly until one day after recently updating software, went to show a friend the quad and couldn't get a video feed on iPhone of iPad. The buffering circle would just spin and spin. Had all telemetry info, battery info, GPS, tilt and camera controls but no video!! So I start the hunt trying to find out what is going on and start seeing a rash of the same issues everywhere!! Did you do this, did you do that and all came back around to the Wi-Fi board being bad in the Quad. Really? How did all these boards that were working fine just one day stop working?? I understand that stuff stops working and people may crash their units but I have more info. I sent my unit, that had never been crashed or even had a hard landing, to a DJI Authorized service and of course they had to replace the board and 300.00 later it was working again!! I know personally of at least 10 other people with the same issue, one persons has been with DJI service for over 4 months!! Ok here's where it really gets interesting. I also had a NEVER USED unit (same exact model) that I acquire for backup in case this ever happened again but decided to sell it with thoughts of upgrading to the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1. A friend was going to buy it so I said I would do all the updates and set it up and get him going and guess what...NO VIDEO FEED!!! This unit has lived in a the box for 6 months sitting on a table. I can assure you it has never ever been even powered up!! Ok so lets recap. Sudden rash of no video issues with this model craft, personally know of 10 people with same issue, personally happened to my craft and also to a craft that had never been even used??? Come on guys this is not just a coincidence!! I my own humble personal opinion I believe that some sort of update was made @ DJI in the firmware, software or APP that mad certain units not work and basically useless for all practical purposes. If so they should be help responsible and if this is found to be true, a class action law-suit should be filled.
    Ok, just to save some time here is a list of some of the things tried in the hours and hours of troubleshooting.
    Upgraded to latest software for quad, RC Contoller & Camera
    Checked the wires going into the gimbal
    Rebound so many times I can't even count
    Sent at least 5 requests for support online with no response to any of them!
    Called DJI support repeatedly and waited 45min and they said, yep you've got a bad board
    Called DJI Authorized center and spoke with a trained repair person, they stepped me through all the same steps and concluded...Yep, you've got a bad board!!

    If someone could tell me, Oh all you have to do is...then I will fell really stupid but grateful!
    But in that same breath, if it is something simple then why is it not posted (in a video!!) on DJI's website!!

    Surely a large billion dollar company that cares so much about its customers wouldn't do something like this...or would they???
  2. IflyinWY

    Sep 12, 2014
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    Where the deer and the antelope play
    Welcome to the party Rjhd28.

    Heck of a first post, but we all have to start somewhere. I've not owned the P2V+ but have wondered the same as you. There's a google link in my signature which will search only our forum. Enter your text in the middle of the page, not at the top. I'm betting you will be surprised at the large number of issues folks have after doing some of the updates.

    I could have gone from the FC40 to one of the P2s, or even the P3, but did not. I chose to add a P1. Updates are only done after many other Phantom owners have tested them for some time.

    It's a shame DJI has not handled issues such as yours much better. It has kept me from buying any new models.
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