Nodding Flame Wheel F550

Feb 26, 2015
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Oslo Norway
I have recently buildt a F550 from an ARF kit.Everything is set up by the book and configured with recommended settings, but I have a prop-killing problem.

Motor 5 is "misfiring", stopping for a half second now and then, randomly, and not in any set frequency. It is stopping more often when the motor is getting less power during flying backwards or rotating.

First thing I plan to do is redo the soldering, but could this be something more serious like defective ESC or motor? Anyone with good suggestions for me?

Have been flying a Phantom 1 for some months so I am not totaly new to this, but it is my first hexa and first self buildt project.
Motor failure on its own is rare. Other than bearings there's no moving or wearing parts.

The ESC or a connection between it and the controller seems the most likely at this point.
If you can't see anything obvious visually, Can you swap two motors and see if the problem follows the motor or stays with the arm?

Fastest way... divide & conquer!
After a weekend away i tried swapping to motors, and the problem followed the motor. Probably a broken ball bearing or something, and the copper wiring looks a bit strange on it. Will to change it on warranty or buy a new one. Might run it as a quad while I wait for the parts to arrive.

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