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  1. falcorma

    Nov 4, 2015
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    I like the P4 so far. Let me say that first. But I will not be getting one. Here are my thoughts and why.

    Adding collision avoidance is a good call from DJI. This will definitely help newer pilots when flying. However, I think they could have done better.

    First, why did they decide to only have sensors on the front and bottom? I understand most flying is done forward, but what about flying sideways next to the subject? Or backward in front of the subject? I don't think it is going to avoid anything when doing that. I do understand that flying this way may be a tad more advanced than flying forward, but still curious why they did it.

    Second, I question the accuracy of the system. Obviously we have no idea yet of how accurate the sensors are, but I have my doubts. Will it detect a small branch from a tree? A small hanging vine? Power lines? I'm sure flying under trees is not as common as flying next to mountains and what not. But I do it a lot, and I would be impressed if the sensors picked up something small like that.

    I like the longer flight time. Really no negative there. Although I have no problem landing my P3 to swap batteries. I can already fly as long as I want, so that is not a selling point for me.

    The faster advertised speed is a nice feature. There were a few situations where I wished my P3 was faster. However, I think this is all software related, and has nothing to do with the P3 not being capable of flying faster. I REALLY wish DJI would have an option to not limit the P3 flight angle. My P2 in full manual mode was insane fast, although a lot harder to fly with no assists. I'm sure DJI just made the max flight angle a little more on the P4 and I bet we won't get it for awhile if ever on our P3s.

    Subject tracking is also a cool feature, but again, I believe this can be added to the P3. Doubt we will ever get it though.

    I like the added sensors for redundancy, but am curious if they are calibrated together or separate.

    The P4 will be awesome for a newcomer or someone who doesn't have a P3. I am looking forward to release and videos. Hopefully I am wrong about the sensors. I will be sticking with my P3 though. It has been amazing.
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  2. Jericho

    Jul 10, 2015
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    Was hoping it would be black instead of white at least then you can see it clearly in the Sky. Black carbon fibre finish would have been nice, also the design makes it look like a pregnant p3! But I do like the pop on prop guards & excellent range. No major improvement on the camera, still has the camera still quality of a smart phone! 120 fps on 1080p okay I guess but always record in 4k so that makes 120fps redundant to me. should of had collision avoidance@ 360 degrees, same 60 mbps bitrate disappointing . 28 minute flight time pretty good though,.... on the whole I personally was hoping that the p4 had retractable landing gear, 360 degree avoidance & 360 camera like the inspire!! for these three things I would have easily paid 2 thousand pounds for the P4. gutted!! oh well for now I'm happy with my two p3p's, roll on phantom 5.
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