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My Experience / Issues / Resolution

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by shawnebrown, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. shawnebrown

    Oct 8, 2014
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    Good morning-
    I am very new to this forum, having only been a P2 owner since mid October. That's when I make the purchase , my first quad. I have tinkered with RC over the years, but it's been a while.. Wow, things have changed.

    I thought I would outline my experience over the last month as perhaps it would be a benefit to someone as well as I would like to get other peoples thoughts.

    My primary purpose for this purchase is that I am an avid photographer. Video is something new to me, but I was excited about the thought of getting into it this way. So, after a lot of research , I landed on a DJI product. After all the research, I purchased everything in one swoop:
    Phantom 2
    GoPro 4 Black (had just come out that day)
    Travel Case
    FPV setup (custom with DJI Transmitter)

    I will admit, and expected, that as much as this was going to be a out of the box solution, i knew i needed practice and so there was no way i was going to start flying with the Gimbal and GoPro attached. After about a week of small flights and getting used to things, I decided it was time. Yes, I did break a few props on landing.. for what ever reason, i was over thinking all the time.

    Well, after my 2nd flight with the GoPro on, I took it to a nice park for some fall foliage. I did everything right. Calibrated the compass, waited for GPS lock etc.... with utter shock and awe, after just a few minutes, the P2 was acting very flaky.. being new and not knowing what to do, my instinct was to start to bring it in.. at one point, the unit just started to take off, and i pushed to climb... despite this, it darted off left in a FAST decent... i nearly cried.. fortunately no one and nothing was damaged, beyond the unit.


    I called DJI support and they had me sent the unit in.. All was repaired and returned. They change 4 motors, the flight controller and the top part of the case.

    after what seemed like 3 weeks, my unit was returned. the same day, i did a small test flight and it just worked awesome...

    on the first Saturday after getting it back, i took out to a very open field and flew for 45 min (i have 3 batteries) and i could not have been more happy. I was so excited that when my wife got home, i made her take a ride to the same park in which i had my first crash, so she could see how great this thing was.

    All was awesome.... and yes, i calibrated, and waited for full GPS lock.

    because we had a benefit to go to that evening, i brought it back in about 9 min of flight... as im bringing it in, i have my wife wave (our selfie)... as it was getting closer, it just darted left in a fast decent and crashed to the ground.. literally, for no reason. it was almost as if two magnets in opposite polarity. video is below .. please overlook my in shock comments and repeated "What did i miss" statement.. i sound like a moron... was just in shock..


    again, i called support.. although not as initially as polite as the first experience with support, the CS rep processed the ticket. He actually warmed up a bit, maybe after reading that i literally had just got the unit back 2 days prior... initially, he was letting me know, this could be very well user error and in that case, it could cost to to be repaired...

    I get it, there must be a lot of people that try and get things fixed for free that were their fault.... but i had this thing 1 month, 3 weeks of which had been in the shop. and what appeared to me as 2 very unexplained crashes...

    so, this morning , i see my unit is fixed. they replaced 4 motors, the transmitter and the gps module. Although i have read much negative about DJI support, to be honest, i'm not seeing that..

    To be honest, i really regret buying when i did. I would have spent the money for the Inspire 1 since my primary reason for this unit is for photography... but lets see how this goes...

    ya, this is a ramble.. but i do want to thank all of you for all the knowledge i gained from this forum. and i promise, i'll be more active for now on!
  2. Exsniperex

    Nov 7, 2014
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  3. shawnebrown

    Oct 8, 2014
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    Exsniperex- I was literally just reading your post after I posted mine and was wondering the same thing.......
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