Mono Lake Tufa

Nice. FYI, here's my video (also with a P2V+) taken from around the same location last September:
To pretty of a place to be so dry ! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work ! :)

Los Angeles is sucking the water out of it, and that's no joke.
Both great videos. Thanks guys, makes me sad though. The lake was so much larger many years ago. I wonder if Mammoth Mountain will go off because of the reduced pressure on the local plate as the water goes away. That volcano has been on the edge for quite a while. The site itself reminds me of Death Valley. My mind wanders and wonders if that's how it formed. I'm thinking one of me teachers said, yep that's what happened there too.

Many years from now folks will be viewing our footage and asking themselves how we could have been blind to the damage we were doing.

Where are the tree huggers when you need them?

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