Litchi Mission Hub Flight Plans Not Linking to My Flight iPad

Aug 17, 2020
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Stumbled on a very unusual problem with Litchi for the first time today. A flight plan that I created using my desktop computer's copy of the Litchi Mission Hub did not show up on my iPad's Litchi app flight plan listing. I kept getting an error message informing me that the Litchi app on my iPad had "timed out", and that to get it back in sync I would need to log out and log back in.

I repeatedly logged out of Litchi Mission Hub on my desktop and carried out the same logout procedure on my iPad's copy of Litchi Mission Hub, all to no avail as the new flight plan I created was not linked or copied to my iPad such that I could fly the new mission as usual. Regardless of how many times I logged out and back in Litchi Mission Hub on my desktop and on my iPad, the same error message instructing me to log out kept popping up every time I tried to access the saved flights in the iPad Litchi app. Oddly enough the newly created Litchi mission did appear in the iPad's Litchi Mission Hub but did not appear in the flight plan listing of the Litchi app.

I tried to locate an onscreen option to log out of the Litchi app on my iPad, but could not find one, so maybe that is the reason I haven't yet seen the newly created flight plan in the Litchi app. This is a brand new predicament that I haven't in the past ever encountered, so I am hoping that it is a random system error that will resolve itself over the next couple of days when I try again to locate this newly saved flight path in the iPad's Litchi app.

If there is some sequence of steps that I somehow missed, I would be grateful for any pointers that can be offered by more experienced Litchi users than myself. I'd already begun to consider myself to be a Litchi expert of sorts, so this sudden baffling interruption of the link between by desktop Litchi Mission Hub flight plan listing is a sobering reminder that I know a lot less than I thought I did about Litchi's linking protocol between desktop computers and the mobile devices used to fly the drone.
I don’t have an iPad but it should be similar to my iPhone. On my iPhone I tap the Litchi icon in the upper left corner. In the drop down menu you should see your Log In/Log Out underneath the Track option beside your user name. You are likely not logged in and need to log in.

Hope this helps.

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I thank you kindly Chris for this response. I could not find the logout tab in Litchi's mobile app to save my life. I was just about to completely uninstall the app and reinstall it having given up on locating the logout tab. I'll give this a shot and report back here in case anyone else encounters this perplexing problem.
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Well, I'll be dipped. The logout option for the Litchi app was right there under my nose each time I opened the left-hand screen dropdown menu. In my exasperation, I opened that drop-down menu multiple times, yet never read down the entire list of options because they all appeared limited to flight and FPV options. My new flight plan now shows up in the Litchi app saved mission listing. Good thing I'm not a surgeon or I'd have forgotten forceps in many a patient over the years haha.

On an unrelated note, I today flew my Phantom3 Pro for the first time in a while and noticed that Litchi's video recording doesn't start automatically as it did in the past. I imagine there is a setting to reactivate that convenient auto-record feature, but I haven't spotted it yet. If anyone can remind me of where to look for that Litchi setting, I'd be grateful. Greetings from an absent-minded Phantom jockey.
Rather than delete the second paragraph of my ramblings above, I'll just add that in a fleeting moment of clarity, I located Litchi's slide-switch tab to activate auto-record at the start of each flight, lurking midway down the page in the Litchi app screen right-hand side settings menu.

With that sorted, normalcy has been restored to the known universe at this time, and Planet Earth retains its rotational trajectory per schedule, barring the occurrence of any unexpected Tic-Tac UFO swarm invasions.
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Well worth posting. I've often told others where an answer was lurking if they just kept scrolling down. Glad it worked out. Fly safe, enjoy.
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Like trying to spot typos in one's own writing, menu items are so easy to miss even after numerous cursory scans of on-screen listings, especially when the reader is in haste or losing patience.

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