Just Ordered My Phantom3

Mar 19, 2015
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Lake Ouachita, AR
I really hope that the new Phantom 3 lives up to all the hype and advertisement that is out there. I just ordered the Phantom 3 Pro for 1UAS out of Maryland. Got the extra battery with the hard case. When I ordered my origina Phantom 2, HD-3D, FPV from a 1UAS dealer, had nothing but problems from the very beginning. Gimbal was sent to me broken from the factory. Took forever to get DJI to replace the original gimbal but had to go through my dealer and then back to 1UAS and then to DJI in California, talk about a nightmare. Worst part was paying for all the shipping, because I had to send the entire Phantom package back to 1UAS.
Being a disabled Nam Combat Vet, money does not grow on trees and since I can not work, it makes it even worse. Have some very beautiful landscapes here in Arkansas that I was wanting to video and show the world, but with a product that did nothing but screw up, it got to where I was actually scared to take my Phantom 2 out and go fly, much less try to make a video. the last flight was still a bit shaky, I guess that is because I have lost a lot of confidence in my Phantom 2. Believe this, I did everything under the sun to make sure that the Phantom 2 would fly correctly. Did all the updates whenever posted and made sure that everything was charged up. Of course I bought the Phantom 2 in January and of course flying was extremely limited due to weather conditions so the I found out real fast about DJI's statue of limitations on things going wrong. When you can not fly for weeks on end, the warranty period runs out real fast.
So all in all, I pray that I have not made a bad decision in buying this new Phantom 3, but only time will tell on that. If anyone out there has more money that King Midas, would love some financial help, which I realalistically know will never happen, but what the frick, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Peace be with you.
K. Mark Harp

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