Just collected my Phantom 3 Pro

No doubt we need some video!
Nice. Are you using it with an iOS or Android device? It sounds like you're out of luck if you're on iOS since DJI is claiming the app won't be released for a couple more days. If you are using Android, I'm eager to hear if the current app is working with the P3.
Apparition - Thanks. This is my first Phantom. :)

davemex - I'm using iOS and yes, need to wait for a couple of days for the app. :(

phantomnoobpilot - I bought from RP Innovations SG ( http://rpisg.com/?p=1001 )

Prylar Bek - There is a clear protection filter over the lens but no lens cap.
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They come with the sticker on already?
Yes yes the manual would be really good. I need something P3 to do, there is only so many times i can search youtube for vids and read all about how everyone is getting there's and im not. LOL.
There is no manual, only a Quick Start Guide. I also do not have a scanner.
I think you download the manual via the Pilot app

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