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INSPIRE V1 Bundle, Like New!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Drone-Outlaw, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Drone-Outlaw

    Jan 4, 2014
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    United States,Houston, Tx
    I got this Bundled System after my accident last year. I flew it a few times just to do the break-in of the batteries before I went out west on a 8 state RV trip last May. I flew it once my entire trip! As much as I Love these wonderful machines, It's just to painful for me to get out & fly it anymore, due to the injuries suffered in my accident. So that's my Loss & Your Gain with this Exceptional Bundled System. It has had nothing but EXCELLENT CARE OF IT! Never crashed, Never as much as a Hard landing! Meticulously cleaned after each use!

    The Bundle includes:
    •DJI Inspire V-1 with 2nd generation "quick-release" prop system. *not threaded. 2-3 sets of Props, 1-2 of the sets are unopened.
    •The R/C has a Red silicon glove + some custom ID decals.
    •has a total of Five (5) batteries with Bundle. 3 of them are the Extended Time 5700's
    2 of them are the standard time 4500's.
    This Bundle includes the standard charging system for the drone & R/C + the QUICK CHARGE 180watt system!
    •Bundle includes both the Stock carry case + a CUSTOM PELICAN WHEELED CASE!
    **includes all the other stock equipment that came with this system i.e. R/C harness
    *** plus many other extras that I'm not listing such as (custom lens covers,filters,speciality cases ect...)
    I paid over $4500 when I purchased this Bundle brand new 10 months ago.
    The system has never had any technical issues & has had the most recent "firmware" updated.
    *I followed the DJI recommended battery break in schedule & have a total of 4 cycles on each battery. (So there is your total Run-Time of the Drone)

    I'm in No Hurry to sell this, & if I get interest in folks interested in buying sections of this system, such a (case only) or (two 5700 batteries) or (the entire Bundle), I'm flexible. I want $2200.00 for everything listed. If you buy the entire bundle, I'll pay for the shipping if it's in the contiguous United States. If you want pieces of it, you pay shipping.

    Contact me via Text @ 281.989.0597. I've been a member of this group since it started & have bought & sold many times in this forum. I've always been proud of the fact that everything I've sold to a member was in Perfect Operating Condition @ the best available Price for the item offered!

    THE (3) 5700 batteries were sold from this Bundle.

    SERIOUS Inquiries only please.....


    Then check this out:

    <If you just want these items "À la cart">

    a. Pro-Travel case. PERFECT CONDITION! $300
    (shipping not included in price).[​IMG]

    b. watt DJI "rapid charger" + "multi hub charger" $125.00

    c. Inspire setup with everything that it came with new, none of the extras listed above. So the Drone "V1" +RC+4500mah batt+stock case, & everything that it came with new from DJI.
    ~less than 5 operating hours on everything! [EXCELLENT CONDITIONS AS IN "LIKE NEW"] $1500

    TEXT ME @ 281.989.0597

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