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Hi from UKFlyer.West Midlands, England.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by UKFlyer, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. UKFlyer

    Jul 20, 2014
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    Midlands, UK
    I've been reading and learning a lot over the last few weeks so its about time i introduced myself. I'm currently the owner of a Vision+ from the West Midlands, UK. I've had around 40 perfect flights so far with no problems at all. Before the Vision+ i had the phantom fc40 and that also flew flawlessly for around 30 flights, i was never happy with the jerkiness of the camera on the fc40 as it had no gimball so i sold that and purchased the vision+ and had no regrets ever since. :D
    I must say i was a little worried at first after reading about the stories of batteries suddenly dropping voltages and auto landing and so called suspected flyaways, but i just carried on having fun flying and there has never been a hint of anything untoward in the 40 flights to date.
    The only problem has been with the fpv on my galaxy s3, never been able to have the highest preview but the video and all is perfect on the 640x480x15fps preview. Only been out to around 2400ft at present but there is no lag onscreen.
    The vision+ has all the latest firmware and have the V+ Booster app as recommended by members on here, i've not done any tests with the app on or off and just switch it on for every flight, also i brought a backpack for the phantom which i do highly recommend being very well made and everything fits great in the precut foam, a £115 delivered and a little more expensive than others but it is very well made and is the one recommended on youtube. LED headlight has just been fitted to help with night navigation.
    I have also done the "foil mod" and again i can highly recommend this, there was no problem before as i had around 30 flawless flights before i done this mod but i did notice i always only got around 9 sats at the most and up to 12 on exceptional days, since doing the modification though i now always get 10 - 12!
    This is one must do modification for your phantom in my opinion because even if you are getting say 8 sats it only takes you to lose 3 and the gps connection is lost meaning the phantom will drift in the wind, if you are out of LOS and the fpv freezes too then this could be a major problem and i think this could be the real cause of so called flyaways. As i now have more sats locked on since the mod i can afford to lose 3 or more and i will still have gps lock, brilliant.
    2 videos of me with the vision+in the countryside



    the backpack i purchased


    The only information i need to find out now is any decent video settings for night video.
    See you around.
  2. Channel70Productions

    Jun 20, 2014
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    Nice to meet you. Always enjoy seeing airborne videos of where people live.
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