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Gov getting ready for new drone rules

Discussion in 'News' started by bald1eagle, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. ianwood

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    Jan 7, 2014
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    Lost Angeles
    Rumors of the administration stepping in have been circulating for a while. The tone of the article suggests there is increasing sympathy with the business community.

    The FAA certainly has maintained an extremely conservative position on commercial use so logic dictates the only meaningful effort Congress or the White House could take would be to take a more moderate approach. 2015 may hold some good news after all.
  2. Khudson7

    Khudson7 Guest

    I sincerely hope for my fellow flyers in the U.S. That the FAA is more progressive than Canada. Many here seem to praise Canada for what appeared to be loosening of requirements toward UAV commercial flying. But in really now, all of Canada's laws which mimic those in the U.S, are still on their books. They only issued an exception to their laws, in order to lesson their paperwork of requests, but added a number of somewhat nebulous requirements that make it almost impossible to fly without a certificate. Only over farmland, or rural areas, no built up (residential). So even a real estate agent filming a house listing, is in violation without an certificate. Transport Canada recently fined someone $1000 for doing just that

    It was surprising to me when it appeared Transport Canada became suddenly more progressive. Knowing how **** this government is, it now appears(to me) they really were just trying to reduce paperwork from those few industries(farmers, inspection of electrical lines, etc) only in rural areas. All else seems to still have to get a certicate, a very painful process here.
  3. Scottintexas

    Dec 29, 2014
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    South Central Texas
    The FAA will have to prepare the new rules regarding UAS (drones), certification, etc. Then the rules have to be published for review by the public during which time you can make your opinion known to the FAA. You can also apply pressure to the FAA through your congressman or woman. But remember, years ago they abdicated their authority by giving the FAA rule making authority.
    Organizations, such as this group of people in this forum, can have an impact on the rules. Organize and write to the FAA voicing your opinion and suggesting ways to make the airspace work.
    Know your airspace. That's going to be the key to flying your Phantom if the FAA does make new rules, and they get implemented. Airspaces are clearly described in the Aeronautical Information Manual which is the back half of the FAR/AIM (see Federal Aviation Regulations Part 71.31, 71.41, 71.51, 71.61 and 71.71. See Chapter 3 of the AIM ). The front half are the rules that apply to flying. Basically speaking drones will be allowed just about anywhere. Stay away from the airport. Do not get close to people or structures and you should always be OK. There is no way for anyone to know your Phantom is even in the sky. It has no tail number, so if someone calls the FAA to complain that a little white drone just went by, what can they do about it? If you drive your drone into the engine of a 737 on final, then there will be no end to hunting you down.

    Stay safe, happy flying.

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