Flying areas getting limited.

Jun 30, 2014
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Wadsworth, Illinois
Today I was flying in a very rural area ( but still in the Village limits) over a Farmer's field, I had setup and taken off from a flat area in the parkway created by the farmer to enter and exit his field. And no I didn't ask the Farmer for permission to fly over his field, for which I would've been happy to if I knew who owned this property. Very few houses and hardly any people. Now I had been here about an hour and a half when this car drives by, stops and the driver asks if I had permission to fly a "DRONE" here. He said he works for the Village and they had had reports from Farmers of people vandalizing their fields. I explained to him that I was just in the parkway and did't think I needed the farmers permission and to look around I hadn't caused any damage. I'm then told the Village doesn't want "DRONES" on the parkway. I was going to be a
smart *** and say I was flying a Quadcopter not a "DRONE", but figured no matter what I say it was going to be wrong. So I packed up and left. Now if I was flying in a congested city, I could possibly understand the Villages concern but this is an area where there are more fields than there are people and thousands of miles from the White House.
He probably had absolutely no authority to regulate your flight.
I would have asked him for his FAA ID, and if he insists that "the village" doesn't permit drones, ask for the specific ordinance number.
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It's free airspace, especially over an unpopulated area. Tell him to pound sand next time you see him.
One battery and 18 minute flight time. That's all I could of done with my phantom 3. Take longer to argue with them. . I'd be back as soon as my battery was charged
I agree with the above posters, we are going to get a lot of armchair cops who know "sfa" about the law, and regulations. People rustling their feathers in order to make themselves look big and authoritative, when they actually know **** .
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I don't know the rules in USA but in Canada, all you have to do is to show the JE## this document and ask him to please leave you alone.


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I dunno, if your P3 went down in his field then you might not get it back if someone saw you. I'd be concerned enough about that not to fly over a field that someone said you shouldn't, whether they are wrong or right.

I still haven't flown over anyone's house or over people and I'm not sure yet if I will ever fly over a house or buildings. I'll never fly over people out in the open though. That's just me being paranoid about malfunctions.
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lol I would of said oh ya I heard about them ******* vandals and thats why I'm trying to see if can catch them or scare them off.
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Official Looking Orange/Yellow Vests, with Official wording no one would understand. :) Some say it works great and even keeps the kooky folks away.
Similar problems haunt Metal Detector Hobbyists, they also say Stand out look official wear vests.
You can get them cheap off Amazon but get the colors local officials wear, in San Diego they are the yellowish green ones.
And don't forget the Hard Hat get the supervisors color ( White)... and a Traffic Cone.

Pun: If your from the USA you will get this one...
Have a shovel around and lean on it.
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