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  1. jtplayte

    Jul 18, 2016
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    I have the opportunity to mess around on a local golf course tomorrow. I have the polar pro filter kit so going to experiment with those. I have 3 batteries, and a portable charging station setup (deep cycle battery with inverter to charge batteries on the move in a golf cart).

    I have also purchased the litchi app. Just wondering what I should try first for best hole flyby aerial results.

    Wondering if flying manually to mark waypoints first to map the path would yield the best results. I could then go back to each hole and record "for real" when lighting etc. is best. Would I use DJI Go App or Litchi?

    Would it be best to use the tap and fly..just put drone up and have it fly to where I tap and keep tapping until I get to green. Lower it and do an orbit on the flag to capture the green.

    I am a rookie and only flown it once in a farmers field to test it out. Used follow me mode to track my kids while they ran. Took it up and panned 360 just to see. I have purchased a $60 syma quad to practice flying too. What should I be practicing to get the best/smoothest video?

    Any advice/suggestions would be welcome, and I can test/experiment tomorrow. Looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time. There will not be golfers on the course as it is closed for maintenance so that is not a worry. Will be workers on course though, but looking to mostly practice, plan, and figure out the best approach.

    Also want to take it up and get some still shots of entire course etc. too.

    ANY and all advice, suggestions, comments welcome. Nervous, anxious, and excited at the same time!

    Thanks In Advance,

  2. Javier Ruiz O

    Jun 8, 2016
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    One Month ago I has the opportunity to fly one morning (four batteries) over an isolated small but very nice nine holes golf club. I did a couple of panorama global view 360 degrees videos while hovering around 150 feet. One from the practice greens and social building to get a glance of the installations, and the other from one far corner to see the whole club. I was helped by a club member who knew well the course, and also carried me from a hole to the next. After those preliminary flights we made a fly per hole: starting looking down to the tee box, then panning up the camera until a thin line of horizon could be seen, and fly over the hole following each fairplay. Altitude above ground for these flights was around 60 to 80 feet.

    Once arriving to each green, I was told to hover for a moment and to look down to show how the green was designed. I did that, and then proceeded to land in the green, close to the flag and looking at it and the hole while descending. I thought this descent was going to be cool, but after editing and showing the first scenes to the club members, I was told to cut every one end of each hole and to finish each hole just when looking down to the green from its vertical. I am not a golf player, and it seems that they prefer to end the flight of each hole just with a view of the complete green (and its accompanying features like bunkers) . Had I known this in advance, I could have saved a lot of flight minutes (and editing time!) and would
    have dedicated that time to film additional complementary short shots from the sorroundings

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