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FAA (Future Airmen of America) Pilot Vest for sale

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cadillac Bill, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Cadillac Bill

    Oct 30, 2014
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    Saw this ad on Facebook. Buying one!

    "We created a pair of these high quality MicroAerialPhoto.com safety vests for ourselves as a whimsical and somewhat ironic joke, based on the current atmosphere of regulation and hostility towards civilian hobby-class and even toy-class drones. But we quickly realized that aside from getting a laugh from fellow pilots, these vests also get an entirely different reaction from Joe Q. Public, a reaction that can serve us very well.

    We are all painfully aware that the public at large does not like our UAVs (“drones”), thanks to exaggerated reports in the media about the stupid antics of a few reckless drone owners, along with the misconception that our aircraft have anything to do with military drones, and/or are some sort of real threat to peoples' privacy.

    How bad is it? Our local hobby shop had an outraged middle-aged browser exclaim, upon spotting a shelf full of drones, that “This is as bad as selling guns to black people!” (Needless to say this nasty moron was swiftly shown the door.)

    Such irrational intense dislike has generated political pressure to regulate drones, which resulted in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently forming a “task force” to suggest methods of registering drones and/or their operators. The task force recommendations are in. It seems we will each be required to register ourselves if we wish to fly anything over a half-pound (250 grams, to be exact).

    Many R/C pilots have had more or less unpleasant encounters with bystanders, or even authorities, while flying safely, in full compliance with all laws and common-sense considerations.

    Also, most of us have been approached while flying by folks who are simply curious and interested. And some of us (myself included) have crashed or have had a photo shoot spoiled as a result of such distractions, regardless of what the interloper's intentions were.

    Finally there are sometimes people wandering into the flight area who are not friend or foe or interested, but who are just minding their own business, and who are simply not aware that someone they are accidentally approaching is engaged in piloting an aircraft. (Which will run out of juice first – the poodle cavorting in your LZ or your hovering aircraft's batteries? Been there, done that!)

    As every R/C pilot knows, watching your own back while flying is pretty much impossible. This vest and its message cannot be missed by anyone approaching, and will certainly delay them, if not stop them cold. Nobody is likely to just rush right up to you when they see this vest. And if you and a couple of buddies are wearing them, you'll likely not hear an impolite word. Some varieties of wing-nuts will simply slink away, while the truly fearful citizen will perhaps have their angst softened. And if a conversation does ensue, hopefully after you've landed, the message on the vest makes a great starting point from which to educate.

    Note that the message on the vest does not claim that you are any sort of official, nor does it actually define what “FAA” stands for, or use any sort of official name, seal, or symbol. Whatever assumptions people make are their own.

    These are very nicely made vests, with four front pockets and a zipper.

    PAYPAL ONLY: $33.33 to bagpipes@hotpipes.com
    FREE SHIPPING (Domestic US including APO)
    SPECIFY SIZE: S, M, L/XL, 2XL and COLOR, lime or orange.
    ALLOW a couple of days for printing, right here in the USA.
    SPECIAL Canadian or other country versions available on request/discussion.
    SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back.
    CONTACT: bagpipes@hotpipes.com

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