drone operator acquitted in privacy case

Nov 30, 2014
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Upstate NY
Great news! I am not all that far away from where this happened and I have been waiting to see the outcome. It was obvious he was doing nothing wrong but the paranoid people had him arrested anyways.
After reading that it makes me wonder why the exam rooms don't have frosted windows or blinds anyway ? Surely it isn't the only multi story building in the area is it ?
Wonder how much he had to spend out of his pocket just to prove he was innocent of the charges? I could see a better case against him if he drove to the hospital to specifically obtain photos but his wife was there already and he was just killing some time.

Good for him to put up the good fight.
Good glad to hear he beat the stupid charge that was not warranted nore is it even very possible to use a phantom to peep threw windows esp in the day time nore was he even trying to. and under the law in ny had some one been able to see some thing threw a window but not trespassing to get to a vantage point and even if they stood there and stared for hours and seen every thing there is no law being broken. even a peeping tom can not be arrested looking threw windows if they are not on someones property and are just standing at the curb.
I have tried looking in my own windows numerous times. There is so much glare I've not been able to see anything.

Anyone else able to actually see inside windows? And I've been a few feet away, with people inside quite aware of it based on the noise.

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