Do you know the drone jammer ? How to avoid it

Most of the frequencies mentioned by the OP in his first post are aimed at disrupting 2-way communication between the drone and the controller. However, using programmed mission software like Litchi, one can fly a drone on a long mission using only satellite-based navigation signals (GPS, GLONASS, etc). Disrupting these signals over a wide area, although possible, would cause immediate widespread disruption of aerial navigation, requiring in-flight re-routing of aircraft and trigger a huge criminal investigation.
wow, superb knowledge, I know only one 360 degrees jammer detector all in one system for 1000-2000M D-600 system.
The principle of drone jammer is to block the communication pipeline of UAV (Including remote control signal and navigation signal)
The conventional remote control signal is 2.4g/5.8ghz Navigation with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS and Galileo 1.2G/1.5G/1.6Ghz

Most common operating frequency band of UAV jammer are: 1559~1607mhz 2400~2484Mhz and 5725~5850Mhz (80% of the market )
Reference :Generation 3 digital drone jammer gun 3 in 1 for 5000M

A few drone jammers working on multi bands(1~5% of the market ):
310~390MHz 390~470MHz 400~470MHz DTMF 868~928MHz 925~960MHz 1200~1300MHz gps & glonass 1510~1610MHz gps & glonass 2385~2485MHz wifi 5725~5825MHz
Reference :Digital Military anti drone jammers drone jamming device

The biggest threat of UAV is Digital Signal Jammer(But don't worry, few people in the market will use it because the price Very expensive)
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How to avoid the anti drone device?
1.Refitting remote control frequency band of UAV(dont used 2.4g/5.8g)
2.Use more advanced UAVs (Eg dji mavic air 2) It uses frequency hopping technology normal analog /DDS jammer can not good working on it

Why Anti-drone? and Why are drones a problem?

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