DJI Mavic 3, First flights and major features

Apr 14, 2018
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Thanks for sharing you live in a beautiful place I live in Texas big difference what I can’t believe is why didn’t they use Dji go 4, much more in-depth professional app even the professionals are in disbelief I know the fly app is much more user-friendly but I think DGI really missed the mark there hopefully their firmware updates will give a lot more options one more thing I noticed when you turn left and right why is the screen, or I should say the Horizon tilting when you turn the drone reminds me of my first Mavic pro which I still have when you put it in airplane mode just curious I’m sure it’s something or a setting that you have set, thanks for making an in-depth video it looks like a very powerful Drone I’ll purchase mine probably in the next three weeks I just wanted to see how she looks one thing I’m mainly curious about if you could answer this when you switch from video to camera is there a hesitation like the Maviv 2 pro, and also you see that the sensor gets cut down and the clarity is not as crisp when shooting video on the Mavic two pro I’m sure everybody notices that a few people said that because of the sensor may be overheating they used a method called line skipping I just wanna make sure this drone does not do that and is there any chance when you’re videoing can you take pictures simultaneously while the video is running,like the phantom 4 pro does, i’m sure it doesn’t but I would like to hear from someone mainly about switching from video to camera do you see a difference in clarity I’m surprise no one ever talks about that in the Mavic two pro???

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