Discover Spain - Pueblos Blancos Chapter II - Andalusia - Cadiz - Jimena y Castellar

Dec 15, 2021
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Did you know that there is much more to Cádiz (Spain) than its beaches, coastal towns, Cadiz capital and Jerez de la Frontera? There is a Cadiz very little known called “White Villages” based on the color of the facades painted with lime, which dazzle in the sun. All of them have the Arab essence stamped on the house facades, very striking from a distance, with postcard landscapes and resplendent churches, palaces, castles, and houses that sometimes defy gravity.

Stories of what used to be the daily life of Al-Andalus survive here: the layout of the streets, the artisan production of leather goods and the sweet Andalusian recipes.

But the Berber heritage is mixed in this territory with dolmens and megalithic menhirs, the Roman roads, the Christian invasions, the conquistadors of America, the arrival of the French troops, the legends of bandits or maquis and the sleepers of a train that never arrived and that today is the Greenway of the Sierra de Cadiz.

And so much history happens in a landscape declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco: the Sierra de Grazalema, where the highest rainfall of the Spanish Peninsula is recorded, populated by numerous caves and canyons as amazing such as the Garganta Verde.

In this second video of the White Villages you will find Arcos de la Frontera the gateway to the route of the White Villages, Jimena de la Frontera and old Castellar in the most beautiful way possible.

I hope you like it and enjoy it so much that it encourages you to go to visit the Pueblos Blancos.
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