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Convertible Vision

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by apextech, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. apextech

    Apr 24, 2014
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    Pic #1:


    w/ Canon S100, better photos than FC200 (DJI Vision camera), larger sensor, better lens and the ability to have full contol over all aspects of shooting modes and adjustments. Mount printed in ABS, made originally for Panasonic Lumix GM-1, camera w/ mount 260g, all in 1300g.

    I run CHDK intervolometer scripts to actuate camera
    Link to .stl file for mount (I flipped Phantom2_GM1_frame it on its back to print it)


    Pic #2:


    w/ GoPro 2, better video than FC200, higher bit rate, allows for 120d FOV, camera tilt w/ 7th channel. Adapter plate printed in PLA w/ external battery mount (900 mAh), mount generic brushless gimbal <$100, camera w/ gimbal & battery 390g, all in 1450g.

    Link to .stl file for mount, I stopped the print for GimbalBase5 just before it started on the vertical part, drilled mounting holes for brushless gimbal.


    Pic #3:


    w/ FC200 (Std DJI Vision camera) on Taco Supreme V2 gimbal, allows for DJI Vision app, camera tilt only w/software, only mount that allows OSD as well as FPV, as stated still and video photography not as good as the previous two cameras, I estimate camera w/ gimbal & battery 380g all in 1440g (if I didnt have to run the extra battery @ 310g)

    In this last setup I am using a 900 mAh battery to power the camera and gimbal which adds @ 1 min flight time as the Vision battery isn't taxed for it. Actually it came about by accident as I upgraded to 3.06 and in my frustration (killed my 7th channel pitch control) I removed the camera cable while powered up (brain fart) as it turns out it shorted a small component on the main board which supplies power to the camera, I cut the positive lead back to the board and hook it up I still get FPV and OSD. I didnt want to wait and spend $200 to fix it, and I actually gain w/ this setup, if you dont mind the unsightly battery strapped to the landing gear.

    Strangley after the 3.06 upgrade I have to reduce my pitch and roll gains to 100 (from 125) ( to 95 for GoPro & Taco Gimbal) to carry the extra payload otherwise the Phantom shudders, wasnt that way w/ v. 2.00
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