Best way to upgrade my current Kit? (A bit new here guys)

Jun 11, 2015
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Hi everyone. So I use my phantom 2 with a gopro3 for some wedding shoots. I bought a FPV kit off amazon, kubacam - here is the link

So the monitor.. you can't even see it outside in the sun. It also loses signal after like.. friggin 80 feet so thats not that good. I don't need to go SUPER high, if anything I just need to be able to see the monitor.

Any suggestions to the best/most cost effective and simplistic upgrade path? If I just get one of these monitors will it find the channel with the transmitter I already have wired in?

Some insight from you experienced users would be invaluable here.

May 24, 2015
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I understand your pain. I use my GoPro Hero4 as FPV on my P2. My recommendation - after looking at your links - is to switch to cloverleaf antenna. That may improve your monitor reception/range issues. Make sure you get 5.8Ghz antenna - which is what I assume your FPV system is if you're flying a P2. Your first link doesn't really specify what frequency the transmitter works on. You can pick up a pair of antenna for under $30.

Now for a sad fact, your FPV system is at the mercy of 5.8Ghz gremlins. Issues that seem inconsequential, like humidity, can affect the range of your system. I know this from experience; I live in a humid climate. So if humidity can reduce your range, so can other more consequential factors like your proximity to cell phone towers, metal structure in buildings, and even trees. Do a Google search and you'll find plenty of information on this.

There's a park nearby where I sometimes do test flights. I'm lucky to get 100 feet out of my FPV system when I fly there. But at a middle school where I also do test flights, I can easily get a quarter mile out of the system. What's the difference between the two sites - I really don't know. There's a church next to the park, maybe there's a cell tower in the bell tower.

As for the sunlight issue, turn up the brightness on your monitor and purchase or improvise a sunshade. A $1 piece of sheet foam can easily be trimmed to make a shade. That's about all you can do, unless you put on some FPV goggles.

On that note, this is the FPV system I have - I'm not using the goggles, though. I've assembled everything into a small tool box I purchased at Harbor Freight. All-in-all, I've got about $150 in the transmitter, receiver, monitor, case, pick-n-pluck foam, antenna, and a couple of batteries to power the ground station. It mounts to a standard camera tripod. And I usually position everything so there's no sun on the screen when I'm flying.

Hope the information was helpful. Sorry you spent that much on a disappointing FPV system.


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