Battery Door Removal

Mar 17, 2014
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Can anyone tell me how to disassemble the hinge? I'm replacing the shell due to extreme cracking around the motor mounts and would like to salvage the old door.
Yep Woody, I've done it.
It's just a pin that's stuffed in there and all you need to do is punch it out.

It doesn't want to come out, but it's just a pin stuffed into a hole with the ends of the hole squished to hold it in. Get a smaller punch and a bigger hammer.
Ahh, by the way, what caused "extreme cracking around the motor mounts"?

I sure don't want to do whatever it is that you did.

Thanks Woody

By The Way, if you haven't been perusing the P1 and FC40 forums lately, you should. We have a couple good topics going. Your input would be highly valued.

Freaking P3 controlling the board these days. If they can get through a few days without issues, I may try one out. :eek:
Thanks for the reply Ifly. I'm not sure what caused the cracking but it may have been the result of a tipover and the motor trying to turn while the prop was stuck in the ground. Others have reported the same problem for no apparent reason. I superglued the cracks but a chunk of plastic broke loose and fell out from around the bottom near the screws so I don't want to risk it anymore. I ordered a shell on eBay and it's all disassembled now, that was the easy part.

Thanks again for the advice, I'll post my re-assembly results in a week or so.
Well I got the battery door out of the old shell, it's the only thing I could salvage from it. Transferred all the components to a new shell, it took about three hours. Flew it today and it's as good as new.
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Wahoo for Youuu.

Now lets see some video from your new/old bird... :D

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