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Back after almost 2 years ... :) and P3P battery Question.

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Flyer91, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Flyer91

    Apr 16, 2014
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    In the Sierras, 17 miles outside Yosemite N. P.
    Hi folks, It's been a long time since I last posted (summer of '14).
    I recently decided to get back into multis.
    But, unfortunately ... I made a mistake and started back in with Walkera, but it was a **** fast trip! :oops:

    In the past month or so I received, and promptly sent back ... 2 Tali H500s and a Scout X4, because they 'all' had issues before they even got airborne!

    One had a display issue with the F12E controller, the other had issues with the Ground Station B2401B transmitter ... and the Scout had issues with just about everything! :mad:
    The gimbal shook, the GPS would not hold a 3D lock, and it 'too' had display issues with the F12E. :eek:

    So, since I had much better luck with my old Phantoms, I thought I would go ahead with the P3P.

    One thing I find curious is, that although the controller charges at a C10 rate (it's a 6000mha battery and takes about 6 hours to fully charge) the flight battery is charging at way faster than a C10 rate (which would be about 5 hours at C10).
    A C10 charge would be better for battery life, but I don't know of a C10 LiPo charger that doesn't need the balance plug to be used to properly charge a LiPo battery.

    So I'm assuming that the DJI 100W charger and smart battery internals are accomplishing the balance charge on their own ... but am hoping that it's all the smart battery's doing.

    If so .... could I just get a regular C10 LiPo charger, and slow charge my Smart packs by only connecting the +/- lugs, and still end up with a balance charge?
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