A new firmware update (V2.5) is now available for A2

May 8, 2014
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A new firmware update (V2.5) is now available for A2. Please visit http://www.dji.com/product/a2/download to download the latest assistant software and update your A2.


All-in-One Firmware version updated to: V2.5

Major Updates:


l Added support for Zenmuse gimbal channel control, allowing users to control the aircraft and gimbal using a single remote.

l Modified Home Lock control mode that creates a no-fly zone of 10m radius around Home Point. This is to prevent the pilot from becoming disorientated.

l Added data recording for GNSS coordinates and aircraft attitude. Use the latest iOSD Data Viewer to export this data for post-processing.

l Fixed PC ground station display and waypoint related issues.

l Changed the default action for the first level voltage alarm from a flashing light to RTH.

l Fixed heading problem during initialization when using the GPS-COMP-PRO-PLUS module.


l Added a Zenmuse channel page to the PC Assistant.

l Display GPS SNR Health and SNR Fluctuation status in the DJI Assistant and iPad Ground Station.

User Manual

l Added information on connecting the gimbal to the CAN2 port and relevant channel mapping.

l Added description of GPS SNR Health and SNR Fluctuation.


(1) The gimbal’s firmware should be updated as below:

a) H3-3D GCU V1.12 or above,

b) Z15-5D GCU V2.4 or above, IMU V1.8 or above,

c) Z15-5D Ⅱ GCU V2.4 or above, IMU V1.8 or above,

d) Z15-GH3 GCU V2.4 or above, IMU V1.8 or above,

e) Z15-GH4 GCU V2.4 or above, IMU V1.8 or above,

f) Z15-BMPCC GCU V2.4 or above, IMU V1.12 or above,

g) Z15-5N, Z15-GH2, Z15-7N and Z15-5R do not support connection with CAN2 port.

(2) Backup parameters before each upgrade since the parameters may be reset during upgrade. When upgrade is complete, check the configuration of A2 controller unit then unlock the controller unit in A2 Assistant.

(3) Once upgraded, calibration parameters saved in the A2 controller unit will be cleared. Recalibrating the IMU and the compass is required.

(4) Use with the latest version of the DJI A2 Assistant Software, Ground Station and gimbal firmware.

Introduction video:
Phantom Drones from EALLRC.com

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