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5.8 GHz 10dBic Crosshair Antenna (TrueRC) (RP-SMA

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by MacDaddy, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. MacDaddy

    Jan 19, 2014
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    Fair Oaks,Ca
    I want to modify my controller antenna on my fv2 with 5.8 GHz 10dBic Crosshair Antenna (TrueRC) (RP-SMA) and then I want to swap repeater antenna with 2.3/2.4 GHz Bluebeam Ultra Antenna Set (RHCP) IBCrazy for FPV........ Does anyone see any problems in doing this or has anyone tried this setup out????????............ here is link to produces

    FVP= http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index. ... ts_id=1536

  2. F6Rider

    Feb 5, 2014
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    Foothills Of The Sierra's, California
    If I am not mistaken the Blubeam antenna's are a circularly polarized antenna and you need to replace both your Xmitter and Rcvr antennas as a set. Why not go with a TP-Link 9dbi whip antenna for just the repeater? Just add a RPSMA connector to the case and use a TP-Link 9 or 14 (14 is kind of big) dbi directional patch antenna. The 9dbi is 4.5" square and has a beam pattern of 60ºH and 76ºV, as good as the 2 or 3 dvi OEM patch.
    In any case these are the mod's I will be making soon, I will test for both OEM range and Modified range at the same location after I am done. By mounting a RPSMA connector in the repeater case I will be able to use a whip or patch antenna as the situation requires.
  3. nhoover

    Dec 11, 2013
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    Los Gatos, California
    I just tried the 9dBI TP-link directional for the first time this morning and it seems to work great. I use it with a 8dBi omni on the repeater and was solid at over 3000' away. Don't know how far it will go! Cheap, simple and relatively lightweight. Fits right in my case (although I have to disconnect from the repeater).
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