20% off sale on Hi-Aerial iPhone and iPad hoods!!

Feb 13, 2017
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Ooops, last day is the 31st March.

Here is a great customer review from J Smith in CA about the Hi-Aerial hoods, they really are the last hood you will buy ;)

From the very first day I got my Phantom and tried to fly it, I realized I couldn't see anything on the screen of my iPad mini. I went cheap and got a simple cardboard hood that covered sides and top of screen. That did stop the sunlight from shining directly on the screen but then you realize the reflection you are now seeing on the screen is you and your shirt.
I then tried something called a PadHat. It's soft and floppy, attaching with Velcro and magnet. Their secret is to tilt the screen so you are not looking at it straight on at 90 degrees but instead at something closer to 70 degrees and this does eliminate your reflection. But when you look at the screen at an angle it's not as bright. This is what I have been using for some time and it's adequate.
I soon realized the absolute best solution would be some kind of tunnel that would block all ambient light. I found one called the Hoodman and I liked it enough to spend more than $100 for it. They had the right idea but their execution of it had some problems. It was "clunky" and attached to your device using straps that had to be threaded through plastic buckles. Not something you can do quickly and not very secure. Then the top piece that extends to your face is attached with Velcro.
Then I found the Hi-Aerial which is the same idea as the Hoodman but done so much better. Once I saw the video of how it works I was impressed enough to spend another $100 for it. Now that I have it in my hands I'm even more impressed. The inside is a black felt material while the outside is a black silky material that has a great feel to it. It has imbedded magnets that helps it to just snap together, then just drop your device in and then clamp the whole thing in the Phantom holder. There are two extra Velcro straps on the back for extra security to hold it in the holder. In the bottom surface of the "tunnel" is an opening to give you access to your device's touch screen. Now you can use it just like this or you can add the extra piece that brings it up to your face totally blocking any light and it attaches with those same hidden magnets. So simple and quick!

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