1. SignumX

    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    I picked up a wrecked P4 that had been flown into a cliff. It still flies well, but as the gimbal is totally messed up and the camera gone = no live view. I really bought it just for the extra batteries that were included along with the one battery that had been in the crash and all batteries...
  2. A

    I DESTROYED my drone!!

    Before you watch I just want to reiterate that I knew the possibilities and take full responsibility for what had happened. Nobody was hurt, injured or effected by this except for me. I made this video to remind people of the possible dangers that could come from flying a drone no matter how...
  3. C

    P4 loss one prop after 5 minute flight, dropped 40 feet to ground

    I bought my P4 just last week. I've maybe had 20 flights, I'm taking it all very slow. I fly high, and far over big forests. I'm very nervous about hitting things, since I'm still beginning, so I don't go near anything. On my flight yesterday, coming back after flying for maybe 5 minutes...