wont fly

  1. M

    Repair or Diagnosis Service

    Does anyone in Midwest own a shop or offer diagnosis and repair? Sons P4 only flew a few times and then would not respond after an update. I am completely drone illiterate and he is in Military. I now have the drone but no idea what to do with it, and I have no idea how to hook up or anything...
  2. B

    P4 wont fly higher than 26 to 30m without losing connection

    I have just recently bought a second hand dji phantom 4, i had a test fly and everything seemed fine. but once i got home and tried it on my own phone, it wouldnt go higher than 26 to 30 metres in the air without the drone disconnecting. I have everything updated and the drone is definitely not...
  3. Tony R.

    ESC Board the Problem? Install myself?

    Hello, I own the Phantom Vision 2 Vision+ I havn't flown my Drone for about a month, and store it inside my house. The other day I went outside to show my relatives visiting for Christmas, after all the great talk on all of it's features and capabilities, I take it outside (23 Degrees out -...