ESC Board the Problem? Install myself?

Sep 8, 2015
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Hello, I own the Phantom Vision 2 Vision+
I havn't flown my Drone for about a month, and store it inside my house. The other day I went outside to show my relatives visiting for Christmas, after all the great talk on all of it's features and capabilities, I take it outside (23 Degrees out - Minnesota) and everything went fine untill I unlocked the blades to start, one blade spinned fine, 2 were real slow to start - taking several seconds to get up to speed, and the last blade turned slow and didn't get spinning fast enough. So I turned the blades off, and thought wierd, lets try this again, same thing happened. All this great talk to my family then I take it out to fly and it doesn't even leave the ground. Bummer. Does anyone know a fix to this problem? I asked the guy I purchased it from (who is somewhat knowlegeble and into them) and he said it could be the ESC Board, which I guess controls the Motors. Any other thoughts or fixes? Is this something I can fix on my own? Or do I need to send it in? Any information will be much appreicated! Thanks!
Hi mate

Sound to me like esc issue if one motors is spinning fine I would assume that esc to that one is good, I would test the other motors using the good esc so you can rule out it being a motor issue, if the other motors spin fine get some new esc you can do it yourself but they do have to be soldered in so depends how handy you are with soldering iron, to be fair though the joints are easy to get at and quite big so it's an easy job even for a beginner

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If you get stuck mate just pm or post on here I'll help you out best I can just finished rebuilding my phantom I bought crash damaged, I prefer fixing to flying
So I watched a couple videos on YouTube on how to replace it - looks pretty easy, looks like you just soder out the existing 3 wires, put new ESC board in, re-soder wires in, and you should be good to go (right?). In the beginning of the video the guy showed his drone with the blades unlocked, all spinned but the one that struggled. In my case only one blade spinned fine, and one kind of struggled hard like in his video, and the 2 next to that were spinning slowly. Would you recommend replacing all 3 ESC's?
To be honest mate if your thinking of doing three I'd do all four, they are not to expensive and you would have peace of mind that the one you didn't do isn't going to fail mid flight ? I mean all the current esc you have, have all been used the same amount so the good one might be on its way out soon, depending on your budget think about upgrading to the latest motors I did the lot on my crashed one and compared to my dads original motors my bird is a bit more agile .

And yes once you have soldered the wires on that's basically it, I would recommend a calibration afterwards as you have installed new hardware

Good luck the only way to learn is to try
Okay, so I tried powering it up today and the same thing happened again, I also noticed after I powered down, one motor was hot, and smelt of something electric burning... I would think that motor is bad? I'm having a hell of a time with this.. lol
Personally,I would replace all 4 motors, and ESC's, take the opportunity to upgrade to the newer motors. I had an unexplained fall from the sky and was too nervous to fly again, so I changed all 4. Cost me £100,all parts from ebay, but a crash can destroy your Phantom, so for me that was best solution.

It is an easy job if you can solder, they are large joints, and need a hot iron,and I am sure you know make sure you get the wires back the same way as they come off,the wiring is different for clockwise, and anti.

Good luck

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