wont connect

  1. M

    Naza won't recognise my pv2+?

    Hi guys, No matter what I try my pv2 + simply won't connect to Naza M more mater how much I try. I keep hoping to see the blue light flash up at the bottom left of the screen but it never happens? I'd be very grateful for your help and ideas. Thanks in advance. Ps I'm running Windows 8
  2. Z

    Just updated, has video feed but flashed bad connection as well as warming up.

    Flew my P3P today around the house. It said that it needed updated so after I flew it, I updated it using the options on the DJI Go app. Says it updated but still needed more. So I downloaded and updated it to the v1.5.0030 on their website by putting the bin file on my card and putting it in...