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    Antennas Module RC GL300F

    Hi everybody! Nobody Knows where is possible to buy the antennas connector of GL300F RC(Phantom 4 Pro)? I buy an used RC and this is the result! Thank you so much Flavio
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    How did i loose my drone?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I was out flying up and Down this river the other day. I lost signal as i got too Close to the electrical wires. Im not sure if i hit them or if the signal was interferred With. Anyways, a guy upstream saw the...
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    Phantom 3 Standard Motor not working out of the box

    Hey there all, So I recently got my phantom 3 (finally!) and took it out for its first flight today. However when I tried to take off, the phantom instantly crashed to the ground and I noticed that one of the propellers weren't spinning. Luckily I was next to a bush so it landed without any...
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    P3P wire damage

    Went to replace my bent landing gear today and got all the way to buttoning the shell back up and accidentally frayed the wire to the compass and also one antenna - should I send this out to DJI or a certified location to get fixed or can I solder these wires? Should I just bite the bullet and...
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    P3 Standard Replacement UF.L cables to gimbal

    One of the tiny UF.L connectors came off the black/grey cables between the P3S and the gimbal. I'm trying to find a replacement cable but none of the replacement kits I've found online seem to include these two wires with UF.L connectors on them. e.g. DJIP3-042 Cable Set Anyone know where I can...
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    Do I need a wifi cable replacement?

    Wrecked my P3 Standard into a tree and it fell 8 feet after the computer didn't counteract to wind very well. Anyways, it ripped the camera and gimbal off and stripped out a ribbon cable and what I believe are the wifi cables. It also broke the baseplate. I ordered new anti-drop pins, a cable...