winter flying

  1. B

    Keeping Mobile Devices/Monitors Warm in Winter

    I have a newly installed iPhone 6 Plus battery. Replaced the year-old battery because it dies in like 8-10 minutes on a full charge if exposed to freezing temps. The new one does the same thing, lol. Conclusion, cold eats lithium-ion batteries and I need to figure out a way of keeping that...
  2. UpLift Aerial

    Winter Breeze

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  3. tyknows

    Drone Marriage Proposal

    While my fiancé is excited she just got engaged and has a shiny ring, I'm excited I was able to pull off capturing it all with my Phantom 3 Pro :) Here is a 2.5 minute cut: I was able to make her think I had to shoot some aerial footage (for video production I do with a nature conservancy in...
  4. Skyer

    After the winter storm – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots! After the late Nor’easter winter storm Stella sprinkled most of Pennsylvania with more than a foot of snow, it was time to fly and see the beautiful landscape. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much...
  5. Skyer

    Winter Is Coming - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy 2017 everyone! Before autumn was officially over, the first snow fall brought beautiful sights, and the premise of a cold snowy winter. After the holiday break I finally got a chance to edit this footage, which includes a little off-roading/droning in the snow towards the end of the...
  6. Sunnaroe

    More important than range...

    Im sure im not alone in being obsessed with my equipment (the drone )Surfing amazon for attachments 24-7 like we just fathered a Phantom...but in this below freezing midwest weather,Im learning how important the actual PILOT is!Like along with advice regarding upgrades I wish someone reminded me...
  7. J

    CARIBOU NATIONAL FOREST IN 4K | Phantom 4 Pro Video

  8. Skyer

    Frosty Fall Morning Flight - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here's a video filmed after the first frosty & snowy morning of this Fall. A couple of days later we had much more snow, so I'll be editing and posting a follow up video soon... Thanks for watching! Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated :)
  9. L

    Battery Cold use?

    Hi I am sick to the back teeth of restrictions that DJI are implementing into each software/firmware update, always wanting to update to avoid issues I find that I can no longer enjoy flying my Phantom 3 ADV... This morning at 7am outside my place of work Fantastic colours in the morning...
  10. BigAl07

    Snow Precautions

    Just out of curiosity I was wondering what others do to "prepare" your P3A or P3P for flight in flurries and snow showers. I know many do it and just wondering what you do ahead of time and what success/failures you've had in flying in snow. I flew a week ago "between" snow showers and when...