1. B

    Gimbal could not move when flied the drone in the wind

    I tried to fly my P4P+ in 18miles/hour wind and to take some photos (short distance <500m, altitude <50m), I found the gimbal could not move at all. It kept in downward position. Then I took the drone home and re-calibrated the gimbal and IMU, everything was fine. I flied at home, gimbal showed...
  2. Zorro

    Into the Waves with Kitesurfers | Low Flying | Norway

    I wanted to make another low flying film, focusing on the coastline inbetween the rocks and the waves up close. Lucky for me, this location is perfect for kitesurfing too it seems. Would love to hear from you what you think about this video. If it works. Filmed at the same location over 3...
  3. ProDrone

    Is there too much wind to fly?

    Hi all, I was outside just now shooting some vid. I saw Spike (my P4P) moving around a lot. It was due to pretty high winds. Be aware the drone can shift over a meter in severe gusts of 6 Bft. To avoid flying in high winds (especially gusts) I use the Windy app. I know the name could imply...
  4. SoCalDude

    Jetty, Buoy, and Sea Lions

    Jetty, Buoy, and Sea Lions This was my most challenging flight to date. After trekking up and down over boulders as big as small cars for about 1/2 mile, I flew in winds of 16.2 mph with 22.6 mph gusts during the flights. I've since flown in much higher winds. Additionally, I couldn't (didn't...
  5. N

    Summer is here ! Pools, golf and sun on a lazy sunday with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Summer is here ! So I thought I'd share a quick video I shot with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard capturing friends and family having fun at the pool ! Very windy conditions, but the Phantom handled just fine ! Check it out below !
  6. dougvg

    P3 performance in high winds.

    Each day, I shoot the same sequence of stills and video along this stretch of central Arizona's Verde River. These images will be used to test a new technique of monitoring changes in the River's flows and the health of its ecosystem. Since it's important to get as complete a record as...

    Paignton Harbour on windy day

    filming my local Harbour in Paignton on quite a windy afternoon.