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  1. Capitol Dome Redux - Charleston, W Va

    Capitol Dome Redux - Charleston, W Va

    The gilded dome up close in all it's glory.
  2. Macfawlty

    Launching spots near Harper’s Ferry NP, WV

    I’m going up to Harpers Ferry, WV tomorrow morning, looking for a legal place to launch from. The National Park boundaries extend along most of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers in the West Virginia elbow, the Maryland side way up the mountain and the areas upstream Shenandoah on both Virginia...
  3. A

    My First P4P video! Comments appreciated

    I got the video made! It's not the best. Comments are very welcome, please don't tear me up! I'm not good enough at editing color and couldn't figure out how to make "profiles" to apply to clips, so instead of doing each one manually I left them all untouched. [EDIT] I used YouTube's simple...
  4. A


  5. OldManInWva

    Howdy from West Virginny

    Hey there forum users... Fairly new to the higher end quadcopter craze, still waiting on delivery of a P4 that I should have had in hand by now. Wondering if there are any other quad enthusiasts in the Charleston WV area... Mainly getting into the sport for photographic reasons, I'm more of a...
  6. WV_Owl

    Kanawha Falls, West Virginia

    Kanawha Falls, West Virginia This is my... - David Aaron Boggs | Facebook
  7. John A. Rogers

    Phantom 3 - Cass Scenic Railroad & Snowshoe Mountain Resort

    Still learning how to edit/process video. New at this part. Great shadow of the Phantom 3 when the black coal smoke comes out of the steam engine when it was leaving. I got nervous and started climbing as the black smoke engulfed the Phantom. Working on shortening the clips, I know it is a...