weak rc signal

  1. R

    Phantom 4 pro weak transmission signal

    Maybe someone could point me in the right direction I can only get out about 8000ft before I loose signal why is this iff the drone is supposed to go 4 miles I've put my phone in airplane mode after I set my home point and I also have the channel set to auto i do kind of live around mountains...
  2. S

    RC-Signal problem

    Hi New Phantom owner here. As soon as I received my Phantom 3 Standard I carefully read everything and took it up for it's first flight after careful preparations. The flight was a huge success, took amazing photos and achieved decent range, about 600m away while at 120m altitude. The second...
  3. Uhly

    RC signal lost

    Hi everybody, I don't know what the heck is going on, my P3S loses connectivity with the RC frequently. Anywhere from 242 feet from the home point, the farthest I was able to take it was 1075 feet, until it lost its connection and started RTH. I'm flying in wide open spaces, no obstructions...
  4. J

    Weak RC Signal 25 feet off the ground

    I'm new and cannot figure out why i can't fly my phantom 3 standard more than 25 feet high without my RC signal failing? Is there something in settings I didn't do correctly? Thanks!