vision app

  1. ACoD

    Connection fails after binding to camera.

    I bought a Phantom 2 Vision used just a few weeks ago and I've been struggling with shotty connections from the camera to get it to show FPV on the vision app... Today I was going to attempt to fly it, and went outside just to find that the wifi name wasn't showing up... I rebooted everything...
  2. T

    Solution to downgrade the vision app to v1.0.56!!

    Hi everyone just follow the steps. 1) Delete the app from iphone. 2) Go to Users/<Username>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications location on Mac and C:\Users\<Username>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications location on Windows; find the "DJI VISION 1.0.60.ipa" and delete it. 3)...
  3. D

    app shows gimbal pointing straight up when gimbal is stabalized

    their is a problem I am having right now that will show itself on the cell app as an extreme red in either yaw or pitch(mine is pitch and stays at the top even when the camera aligns up) to one side or the other and not being able to be moved via the app, however it will still stabilize straight...