vision 2 +

  1. yrdbrd1

    Phantom 2 Vision+

    4 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 remotes, 8 new sets of props, swappable gimbal for GoPro and Trademaster hard case. Must go asap. $400 OBO.
  2. K

    Faulty Live Feed / system error

    Please help, this is a nightmare! The live feed won't work, its just shows a black screen with a loading icon. I'm using: iPhone 6SE App v1.0.6 (I tried to downgrade to 1.0.56 but this failed) firmware 3.14 I've checked all the wires are plugged in correctly, I've tried rebinding the wifi...
  3. C

    Aftermarket Batteries for DJI Phantom Vision 2

    Hi , just want to know if some of you guys had experience with aftermarket batteries for my vision 2 , i just bought and searching on ebay found a coupe of batteries for less than 70$ , anyone has had experience with that ?? or i have to pay the 129$ from dji store ??
  4. Eagle Eye Drone Svc

    Is there a way to access camera view (to focus lens) connected to a computer through USB cord?

    Is there a way to access camera view (to focus lens) connected to a computer through USB cord? Problem: Replaced lens only and it's hard to focus camera exactly from the App. Was hoping to find a way to connect directly to the computer from camera to make fine-tuning adjustments. If there's...
  5. B

    Cell phone interference

    Maybe this posting should be here not in the discussion area. I am looked to attach a Samsung Galaxy S4 to my Phantom 2 Vision +. Then attaching a Seek thermal Camera. I would link the cell phone to my laptop to view the screen via SideSync and using the Phantom wifi. Can this be done or will...
  6. D

    Vision 2 plus SD card

    i just bought a used V2+, and the camera isnt working with my 32gig micro SD card. It will work with a 4gig card. Is my new one just too big? If so, what is the largest supported size? New to the forums. I did look to see if there was already a discussion. If so, please point me in the right...
  7. P

    Question Regarding Replacing FC

    Hello! I've been frequenting PhantomPilots for a while now, but I just took the time to actually register today. I did search for an answer to my question, but I couldn't seem to find anything that really answered it completely. So, if anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Here's my...