1. Nostalgic Kayak Tour of Wilcox Lake - Petersburg, Va

    Nostalgic Kayak Tour of Wilcox Lake - Petersburg, Va

    Combining the old and new, hopefully this tour of the lake will bring back memories and encourage you to make new ones.
  2. Aerial Tour of Lower & Upper Cascade Falls - Pembroke, VA

    Aerial Tour of Lower & Upper Cascade Falls - Pembroke, VA

    See the falls from a different perspective at both the Lower and Upper Falls viewing areas.
  3. The Day Before Demolition - Petersburg, Va.

    The Day Before Demolition - Petersburg, Va.

    207 year old building the day before it's demolition in historic downtown Petersburg, Va.
  4. M

    FS - Phantom 3 4k w/ 2 batteries, backpack, and more.

    Phantom 3 4k, NOT Phantom 3 Professional. Same 4k camera as the pro but uses wifi to connect much like the standard. Purchased the drone from Best Buy in June of 2016. Loved it at first and still do I just don't have the time to fly that I once did. Purchased an extra battery for the drone...
  5. Jason Sewell

    Found DJI Phantom Advanced, Richmond VA

    My son was paddle boarding on the James River near downtown Richmond, Virginia and found a DJI Phantom Advanced. It looks like it's been in the river at least a year, and doesn't appear to be salvageable. Serial number is P77DCL14B26022. The memory card disintegrated into plastic and silicon...
  6. rengle02

    FS:P3P with hard backpack in Virginia

    I am selling my lightly used P3P. There are no cracks, damage, etc. Never been crashed or had a hard landing. Battery has only been charged 21 cycles. 32GB card Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm am located in Leesburg, VA 20176 Asking $700 for Phantom and case. Will not split...
  7. Teamfour

    New to the Forum from Northern Va

    New forum member here from Northern Va near Washington DC. But at least I'm not within the 15 mile no fly zone. :) Any way, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a P3a. Looks like there are some good deals out there right now. I was looking at a Hubsan H501S X4, but this forum and the...
  8. A

    My second flight over lake in Ashburn, VA w/ Phantom 4 , any suggestions ? :)

    Hi all! This is my second flight with Phantom 4 over my favorite place in Ashburn, VA ... I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me ... :) Thanks!