1. Y

    Purple Images/Videos on P3S

    I found that my images and videos very purple shifted with very grainy and noisy shadows. Are there any fixes for this? Attached are screenshots of my Lightroom edit settings. I have not adjusted any of the settings except for the white balance. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. W

    Video transects

    Anyone know of an app or approach for doing video transects, like the same kind of transects done by Map PIlot or Drone Deploy but done using video instead of static photos? I think in many situations doing video transects with the same amount of sidelap as a photo mission could be very useful...
  3. L

    Anyone from England????

    hi all, Wanted to connect with others from England or UK. Love looking for inspiration for my next video. Please subscribe to my and Drifting Beyond Please feel free to post your links on here so I can see your work and subscribe!! thanks
  4. L

    Phantom 4 Pro Videos

    Hi all, would love to see others work. I couldn't find an existing thread for P4Pro users, so started a new one. Please leave your videos and links on here, would love to see your work and subscribe.. My YouTube: D Drone
  5. Americanhammer

    Best settings for photos & videos

    I'm trying to get some great pictures & videos with my p3 4k but they don't look as clean/sharp as others I have seen. I tried to move the settings & now I have white & black lines in the sun. What's the best setting to use to take the best shots? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. AirVūz

    NYCDFF Recap

    See what it was like at this year's New York City Drone Film Festival in this story: AV News: NYCDFF Arguably the best in the world, we thought it was phenomenal! Anyone been there? Thoughts?
  7. BMZ06

    First Drone Video

    Hello! I recently got my Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas. I wanted to create a video of some of the first footage around my neighborhood. It is my first video, so don't expect much. Enjoy! Let me know what I need to improve on if you want.

    The best aerial video 2016 by Travelwithdrone

    We have created a compilation of the best videos (send to us by pilots) that made it to the semi-final for the Best Aerial Video 2016. Enjoy and let's vote!
  9. Skyer

    Phantom 3 Advanced Compilation

    Here are my latest P3A videos: And here's a short compilation of previous videos (see full versions in my YT channel): Questions, comments, and feedback are always appreciated!
  10. P


    I guess there are many people in here who likes drone videos so check out my channel 4 drone videos ! Its pretty hard to gain subscribers nowdays. Trying to create something unique HMU if you do drone videos too! NEW VIDEO: CHANNEL: Mitro Boahene
  11. Cole Scheer

    Hello from Central Nebraska!

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to the world of drones. I bought my first drone, a Phantom 4, in June and absolutely love it. Since June I have become an avid drone flyer and constantly am taking it out to get a cool shot. I have a Youtube page where I post videos that I have taken, and I have...
  12. AirVuz Josh

    New Website for uploading Drone Videos

    There is a new website you can upload and share your videos for free,, and you also can activate a 'hire' button on your profile so people may contact you if they like your work and would be interested in hiring you...
  13. bradrun

    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    Ok i haven't seen any post to share everyone's youtube or vimeo channels so we all can watch each other's videos as they post them. My channel is Brad Run. ADMIN EDIT: only post your youtube/vimeo channel name or link, no videos or other chat. Thank you.
  14. unklodie

    Phantom 3 Standard : Tutorial Video Compilation

  15. flyboy73

    Videos From Southwest Florida

    Hi, I'm new to drone flying. Started with a P3Pro in January. I'd like to share a couple of videos I'm proud of showing the land and water around Pine Island, near Ft. Myers. It is not very developed and features lots of wild areas, which I have tried to emphasize in the videos. I'll try to put...
  16. DroneDestination

    Can't transfer pictures and video via microUSB port

    I have a P3S, and if I try to transfer pictures/videos from my Phantom via the gimbal's microUSB port, I cannot access the microSD card. I turn on the P3 before beginning transfer. Please help!
  17. Jaime Ray Vaughn

    Worst Drone Fails of 2015

    Heres an article on Mashable with some interesting vids you may not have seen. Enrique Iglesias learns an important lesson in drone handling. 14 worst drone fails of 2015
  18. K

    Video won't play back on laptop

    I've seen others post this with no answer.... DJI Phantom 3 pro: using android (Galaxy S5) video was set to 4K and (3840 x 2160) 30 frames per second, and recording as .MOV format I fly and record video just fine, and make sure to stop recording before turning off the phone or bird. I can...
  19. cheebs

    If you use a GoPro 3 or 4, DO NOT update the firmware!

    GoPro has disabled the usb video out for the 3 and 4 cameras in their latest firmware release. So, if you use your GP for fpv flying and get the video feed from the usb port this latest update will no longer allow you to get the video to your fpv transmitter. According to GoPro themselves...
  20. S

    Photos/Videos not syncing to library

    Hey guys, I've had my p3s for 2 weeks now. Up until 3 days ago my photos and videos were syncing to the library. It shows up when I press play in the camera mode, but doesn't show up in the library. I usually like the library because I can view the videos in decent quality instead of having to...