video settings

  1. Keith Mitchell

    Help me improve my video quality!

    OK, I'm just going to upload this extremely humble, unedited video and ask for guidance. I know that it will help me to learn, and maybe a few others will learn too. I'm going to start doing real estate videos soon (got my Part 107) and trying to experiment to learn the best settings, but it's...
  2. Lindsaybev

    Shooting / Editing / Exporting questions, Oh My

    I am hoping that some of the video gurus can help this noob. I really would like to make the best videos possible for my small business. I am using the P4A drone. I understand that it is best to double the shutter speed from my fps. I understand to keep the ISO down to 100 as best I can...
  3. F

    Missing Camera Control Icon

    I can't for the life of me find the icon on my Iphone 7 or my Ipad that allows me to control the video camera settings. I have no problem when using my Android based version of the DJI Go app but can't seem to find it with the IOS version of the app. I'm using DJI GO ver 3.1.2. I'm looking to...
  4. Sams

    Remote Settings for Capturing Video

    Hello All, How does remote setting so that the movement of drone becomes smooth for capturing video when it spins? Please Help, Thank's
  5. richardseguro

    P4 white orb video playback anomaly...anyone?

    Hello pilots! I have had a great ride so far with the P4. One question to all: Has anyone experienced a brilliant white ball...orb...or weird shape while playing back video filmed. The video attachment below (about 30 sec.) show me flying at about 200' ft. high. Sun against my back and...