update failure

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    Phantom 3 Professional after Crash Issues

    So i Crashed my phantom 3 and replaced all the broken parts. The internals looked pretty good, replaced all cables including the ribbon cable, now when I turn on my p3 the gimbal and camera do absolutely nothing. Took everything apart again and made sure all connections were tight, screws were...
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    GoPro 3+ Silver update 3.02

    I recently updated my camera firmware and now I cannot get the camera to go to any functions. All that is shown is the USB symbol and charge status while attached to the H3-3D gimbal and also viewed through my FPV monitor. Any others know of a fix or a way to revert the firmware?
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    desktop USB constantly beeping

    Please help! I can't update my Phantom from PC. Just as I plug it to my PC it starts to beep and doesn't seem to stop. I uninstalled and reinstalled Assistant 3.8 app but nothing changes. Still beeping like crazy. The app tells me to recycle over and over again. RC Assistant doesn't react when...