1. Neary Aerial

    Drone Crash Warranty

    In early 2015, Neary Aerial Media teamed up with UAV Repair Shop to offer an Extended Warranty Service Contract for drones. UAV Repair Shop caters to people with damaged drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as UAV. For example: DJI Phantom, Phantom 2 Vision/Vision+, Phantom 3...
  2. T

    Check out Hover, the must have app for drone pilots!

    Hey guys, If you don’t already have your “go-to” mobile app for no-fly zones, flight logs, news, or weather, I encourage you to check out Hover. Available for free on iOS and Android, it provides all the tools you need to navigate the airspace safely and legally. Over 42,000 recreational and...
  3. D


    Hi All, is launched, up and running... Some of the main features: 1) Get direct contact from potential customers, without any referral fee! 2) Display pictures and YouTube videos 3) A professional pilot profile that includes your contact and business details 4) The...
  4. Skyeyevideo

    Rooks this time, not a Red Kite

    A busy Rookery at the start of the nesting season - South Oxfordshire -
  5. O

    Help with a survey.

    Hi guys , I'm a student of engineering and I'm making some surveys for one of my school subjects. It would be grate if you could help me answering it, it's about your experience as owners of UAVs. Thanks.
  6. Dragonfyr

    Standard P3S Camera Gimbal Zoom in and Out Problem

    Not even sure where to start with this! So... First flight. Had a little bumpy landing. Landed on soft grass, think the lower leg caught the ground, nothing physically broken, still flew the P3S about 3-4 hours later a little bit in my back yard. -- Bumpy Landing Video: During flight check i...
  7. m_dazel

    ok ok so here it is: How far will the FAA go .. it is up to us...!!! ;-)

    ok ok so here it is: How far will the FAA go .. what rules will the FAA impose next…???...!!! ;-) Link: