1. Ryan5973

    Best places for Drone photography in Houston, TX (and surrounding areas).

    I've been scouring Google maps since buying a Phantom 4 Pro looking unique places for drone photography in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. I have a particular interest in wildlife. Here's where I've been so far... Ryan Townsend - YouTube
  2. O

    Texas trip

    Hello everyone, I will be making a drive from the DFW area to Brownsville/South Padre area for Spring Break. Any recommendations on any good spots to make a quick stop at? In addition, I can't seem to find a straight answer on whether it is OK or not to fly at Padre. Has anyone flown there...
  3. B

    Six Flags San Antonio Texas

    This was done with my phantom 3 4k Six Flags San Antonio Texas If you love roller coasters you will like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQih22-uFBM&t
  4. R

    College Station/Bryan Texas Area?

    I know it's tough to fly here because of all the airports, the University, heliports and others reasons. But I know where there is land not too far away which we can practice and fly. I am an instrument rated fixed wing pilot but that doesn't count for squat! I would enjoy learning from anyone...
  5. B

    New to Texas and just past 107

    Hi guys I am New to Texas and just past 107. I am looking for somewhere I can fly and practice mast inspections and rooftop inspections and maybe a bit of 3d mapping. Any one know where I can fly legally around the San Antonio area. Thanks
  6. A


  7. F

    You know you hate it ..

    You know you hate it when you accidently delete a video from your channel especially when it had 121 views on it, and have to reload and restart
  8. G

    DJI vs Flight mode patent troll

    I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Drone patent trolls. DJI and Parrot were served papers last Friday (17th March) by Texas-based Patent people. Synergy Drone, LLC v. SZ DJI Technology Co and Parrot SA - sUAS News - The Business of Drones They are using 2008 claims for the invention of...
  9. P

    DJI P3 - 2.7K - Adobe Premiere - Dallas TX

    Second attempt at editing video I shot in Dallas TX this last weekend. Video shot from Lake Cliff Park. Editing with Adobe Premiere and still have a lot to learn! Would love any and all feedback!
  10. F

    actually pulled it off

    For anyone complaining bout seeing the blades and all, well here you go, no blades or led's :P
  11. F

    long park run

    yes i know you see the blades some, still need to get a thing to help shade my tablet from the sun, once i do, getting the gimble set better will be easier.
  12. F

    Some Photos

    Decided to take a crack at using photos for a video.
  13. F

    First Compilation Video

    Well took a chance with a compilation video, hope it suits everyone
  14. F

    First Coastal Flight

    Finally got to the coast for a fligt
  15. T

    Flying for DroneBase.com in Texas

    Has anyone here done missions in Texas for DroneBase.com? I am legal to do DroneBase work from the FAA perspective but after reading "Chapter 423: Use of Unmanned Aircraft" that the Texas Legislature passed a few years ago for the Texas Privacy Act I am beginning to think DroneBase is illegal in...
  16. S

    New P4 Pilot/Owner from Houston, TX

    Just bought a P4, I use for documenting all our family adventures and trips. Everytime I'm out with I get so much attention, I haven't made any upgrades I have 2 batteries and I currently trying out Litchi flight software.
  17. D.Bennett

    Addicted to Aerial!

    Hey ya'll Daniel here from Houston, TX. Early this year I took an interest in aerial footage. Now I'm full blown ADDICTED! I've had the chance to fly the Phantom 4 several times and am saving for my own investment; maybe the P4 Pro. I'm interested in taking this amazing hobby to the next level...
  18. N

    The Girl With The Magenta Sneakers

    Photographer: Nkosi Barrow Camera: Phantom 4 w/ ND4 Polar Pro filter
  19. N

    Cutting Through Traffic by Nkosi Barrow

  20. N

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔